Elevated Health Mastermind is a 6-month journey with Dr. Heidi Iratcabal, ND, IFMCP and myself (Kellie) to uncover your health and wellness journey. You are so busy that going to appointments, coaching, nutrition counseling, lab work, book clubs and more seems out of the questions, but you want your health to be your top priority, then this is for you. Busy entrepreneurs don’t have time for their health to fail, don’t worry, we have your back.

This is the most comprehensive journey you will experience, having tests that cover every aspect of health, both physical and mental, along will coaching and implementing strategies and habits to become a new you! Together we are elevating our Health and in turn creating a true transformation in your life. You will now have an approach you can live by the thrive. In order to make a true transformation you need accountability and human connection…It’s time to choose you! Let’s start today!

  • 30 Day Jumpstart to Health: A Comprehensive Initial Assessment and break down of the results. Most likely the most in-depth analysis you have done. This will lay out the story of all your systems from top to bottom and their level of function. A metabolic assessment as well as a brain functional assessment. Knowing where to start and what to target is the key to building a plan for you. ($2500 value)
  • ​Blood Work Testing: 2 Bloodwork kits for the Beginning and End of the program...plus an hour review to go over these results in detail. You will be amazed at what a blood test can tell about your diet, life style, inflammatory status, energy and much much more. review your results with a Functional Medicine Practitioner. ($1500 value)
  • Dutch Testing: This is a complete and extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones and melatonin, along with their metabolites, to identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances. All of your results are reviewed with a Functional Medicine Practitioner. ($1500 value)
  • Leaky Gut /Gluten Testing: A saliva and urine test will be provided to be able to have a detailed assessment of your overall gut health. All of your results will be reviewed with a Functional Medicine Practitioner. ($1000 value)
  • DNA Testing: You will receive a Genetic test kit like no other. A comprehensive genetic blueprint that not only gives you genetic data, but fuses the information into functional pathways that tells a story, a story that gives you guidance to make better choices for your health. ($1000)
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Training: HRV is a scientifically-proven biomarker for stress and one of thee most effective ways to manage our stress response. Transforming your stress is a skill and one with the help of a state of the art device (we will send you) and our guidance will transform your life. You will have a 2 hour group assessment to understand your result and develop strategies to fit your lifestyle. ($1000 value)
  • The Community: 6 months of support in our private inner circle of elevated women from around the world.
  • ​The Coaching: 6 months of Weekly group coaching with Q & A from Kellie and her team. ($6000 Value)
  • ​​​The Mindset: Monthly ‘Glimpse Inside’ Zoom Call - learn to break the habit of being ourselves; lose limiting beliefs, create the life you desire, fulfill your inner purpose and passion to live in vitality. ($1500 value)
  • Course: 1 year access to the Mastermind Course with step by step trainings to help you develop and implement habits and daily routines info your life, as well as educational videos on key elements of Health and Wellness from top experts in the field on Mindset, Sleep, Stress & Burnout, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Detox & Toxins, Exercise, Anti-aging, and More. ($3000 value)
  • Meal planning and Prepping workshop: Instructions and Guides to simplify your shopping, cooking and nutrition. ($500)
  • Extra Bonus: Journal and Custom Mastermind Mug. My exact daily rituals and routine to stay in optimal vitality.